Matthew Routledge - Writer

Short Stories and Poetry

Myth of Man


I’m a story more than man,

With ideas and beliefs

Almost at old,

As the black shirt I once wore


My name is banded round, the halls of the holy

Round the back of public houses, were I left the best of


That’s how this story began.


I began in burning light,

Listening to punk rock,

Thinking I knew it all,

Thinking I could change the world


Its at the point our hero makes his worst mistake

To think that he alone could stop the old machine

Break the turning cogs, covered in their moss

Of eon of bureaucracy and back door deals.


I went out with old flared trousers,

Like the ones I once wore to political debates

And demonstrations, along with the flags I waved

And the ideologies I followed.


So now the story carries on,

To love and marriage,

To a quiet life.

A small amount of time it seems


So our story reaches climax,

In that sordid public toilet masturbation way

A filthy, dangerous and devious



I return, older and older,

With ideas younger than myself

The aged politico,

Dying in the limelight.


I went out with flared trousers and with fascism

With pleasant social intercourse

And hidden sexuality.

I’m dying in the airless world, of a new political world.